What is the difference between Creator Studio and YouTube Studio?


Creator Studio has an older interface, while YouTube Studio has a modern, user-friendly interface.

User Interface

YouTube Studio offers more features than Creator Studio, such as a redesigned dashboard, better analytics, and improved video editing tools.


YouTube Studio is optimized for mobile devices, while Creator Studio is not.

Mobile Accessibility

YouTube Studio has more advanced video editing tools, including the ability to add end screens, annotations, and custom thumbnails.

Video Editing

YouTube Studio has better live streaming capabilities, with features such as stream health metrics and real-time analytics.

Live Streaming

YouTube Studio provides better insights into monetization and revenue, including earnings reports and ad performance.


YouTube Studio includes a Community tab where creators can engage with their audience through polls, posts, and announcements.

Community Tab

YouTube Studio is designed to be more accessible to creators with disabilities, with features such as high-contrast mode and screen reader support.


By: Programmingeeksclub

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