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Differences between sync.Map and map in Go


In Go, maps are used to store key-value pairs, but the standard map type is not thread-safe. To handle concurrent access, Go provides the sync.Map type, which allows for safe access to shared data. The sync.Map type is optimized for concurrent read and write access, making it a good choice for high-concurrency applications. However, there are some differences between sync.Map and map in Go that developers should be aware of. This article explores the differences between these two types of maps and helps developers determine which one is the best choice for their specific use case.


When to use log.Fatal() in Golang


The log.Fatal() function is used when something really bad has happened and you just want to exit your program as fast as possible after reporting the error situation.

two sum leetcode golang

Two sum leetcode 1000X Faster


In this article you’re going to learn about the ways to how solve two sum leetcode problem, we are going to see multiple solutions

golang program to get sum of slice or array

How to get Sum of slice/array Golang


You can use multiple ways to get sum of array/slice in Golang such as iterating loop over each index of the array, Other way you can use recursive approach to get the sum of the slice/array.

golang developer

Golang Developer


Golang (also called Go) is a statically typed, compiled programming language build for industry professionals and it was launched by Google in 2009.