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GUI Calculator in Golang With Fyne


In this article we are going to create a GUI based calculator in Go programming language using Fyne package of Go. Fyne supports all OS and even mobile devices.

the go compiler

The Go Compiler


The Go compiler is executed with the help of the go tool, which does many more things than just generating executable files.

common go tool commands

Common Go Tool Commands


Go ships with several useful commands that simplify the development process. The commands themselves are commonly included in IDEs,making the tooling consistent

why concurrency is hard go

Why Concurrency is hard Golang


Concurrent code is notoriously difficult to get right. It usually takes a few iterations to get it working as expected, but Golang can handle concurrency.


Golang check if map key exists


Go map are almost like json, as we access value of json via key we also do the same with map of Go, There are multiple ways to check if a key exists in a map.


Loops in Golang


Every programming language has a way of looping and Go is no exception. Go offers the for loop, which allows you to retrieve over many kinds of data types.


Numeric Data Types In Go


Golang have multiple numeric data types. Go has native support for integers and floating-point numbers, as well as complex numbers.